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How To Handle Sales Objections

How do you handle objections when speaking with potential clients? 

Do they derail you because it feels like rejection? OR do you see an objection as a question - one the client is looking to have answered before they accept the terms and finalize the sale.

In a recent article written by Bruce Wilson, he shares that “objections are simply a sign that a prospect needs more information to make a decision.” It’s a small shift in perspective that can dramatically change your outcomes.

Here are Bruce’s 10 tips on dealing with sales objections:

  1. Listen up and validate
  2. Rehearse your response
  3. Be prepared
  4. Isolate the objection
  5. Postpone objections
  6. Ask questions
  7. Talk about money
  8. Focus on them
  9. Avoid better, faster, cheaper
  10. Convert the objection

If you’d like to dig into these a little more click HERE to read the full article and remember: an objection is not a rejection, but your response to the objection might make it one.

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