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Trusted Suppliers

Over the last 25 years we've developed relationships with some incredible suppliers. We recommend them to our clients often and are pleased to share them with you. 

Landscape Ontario 

P:  905 875 1805

@landscapeontario on Instagram

Landscape Ontario Horticulture Trades Association on Facebook

Landscape Ontario's mission is to advance and promote the horticulture industry. Members are stewards of the horticultural trades, with a vision for a vibrant and prosperous future. Whether it's promotion or protection, Landscape Ontario is here to help members achieve their goals.


Baker Street Creations

Contact: Neill Nucifora

E: [email protected]

@bakerstreetcreations on IG

@bakerstreetcreationsontario on FB

"I've always loved gramophones - there's just something about that old school sound that never gets old! I wondered if there was a way to use your cell phone with the gramophone, and decided to try to make one. After lots of trial and error, I came up with a way to recreate the old school gramophone, but made completely out of wood!"


Beeksma Law

Contact: Shayna Beeksma

E: [email protected]   

P: 905-522-1234

@beeksmalaw on Instagram & Facebook

"I work with contractors to ensure that they are protected in all of their contracts, helping them avoid common mistakes that many small business owners make. In short, I protect you so that you can focus on running your business."


Impact Winter Maintenance

Contact: Scott Maxwell

E: [email protected] 

P: 519-498-0998

Impact Winter Maintenance provides tractor rentals with the operators to run them.

“At Impact Winter Maintenance Inc. our goal is to partner with the snow company to clear the snow from their commercial lots. We provide late model tractors, the most up-to-date plow equipment and the trained staff to operate it.  During an event, time is of the essence. Our partners can make one call and we will dispatch out our team.”

Moonglow Lightscapes

Contact: Scott Sim

E: [email protected]   

P: 1-888-992-3770

@moonglowlights on Instagram

Moon Glow provides a comprehensive lighting design and installation. They provide your company with a quote that can be incorporated into the overall presentation, and at a value that allows you to make extra margin. 

“In short, our success is based on your success.”


Bidwell Financial (Nextra Network Buyers Group vendor)

Contact: James Fullerton

E: [email protected]

M: 416-906-3398

@bidwellfinancial on Instagram

Bidwell provides lease and finance options for commercial customers on larger types of equipment and transportation assets through a single point of contact.  They have access to different funding options, and use a consultative approach which gives them an opportunity to learn about your business and offer experienced advice so you can grow.  


Crafted Communications

Contact: Julia Sillett and Valerie DuRoss

E: [email protected] 

@craftedniagara on Instagram

@craftedcopywriting on Facebook

“People only buy things after they’ve read words that make them want to buy things.” 

At Crafted Communications, co-founders Valerie and Julia write words that convert leads and grow your business. With the right words on your website, emails and sales letters, your marketing sales funnel will work like a magnet, attracting more of your target audience to your brand.


Integrated Landscape Consulting

Contact: Joel Smith

E: [email protected] 

M: 289-230-9888

Joel is an expert in quoting landscape enhancements on residential and commercial clients. With 20 years of experience, he is a huge resource to any landscape company as he assists in the management of complex landscape jobs including multiple subcontractors and timelines on the jobs.


Windridge Consulting

Contact: Lindsay Colitses

E: [email protected]

P: 206-533-9700

@windridgeconsulting on Instagram

Make the best hiring decisions for your company, your current workforce, and your candidates by using Windridge Consulting’s ongoing support, and the Winslow Behavioral Assessment.

Behavioral assessment feedback when used in hiring lets you quickly identify a candidate’s areas of strength and/or areas of concern (position specific). This way you will quickly have a heads-up where strengths or concerns may show up before you make the hire – not three months after.


Manulift (Nextra Network Buyers Group vendor)

Contact: Greg Scott or Mackenzie Kotack

E: [email protected] | [email protected] 

Greg Mobile: 226-752-8440

Mackenzie Mobile: 289-527-2751

@merlo.mack & @green.machine.greg on IG

Mac is responsible for East of Hurontario Street/Hwy 10 from Port Credit to the North. Greg is responsible for West of Hurontario Street/Hwy 10 from Port Credit to the North.

The versatile Merlo machine allows you to perform a wide range of tasks in a more efficient way: frontal reach for stockpiling material, unloading from one side of a flatbed, and reach over sensitive areas. The dump height reaches any trailer while the compactness provides access to tight spaces. The bottom line is that the increased capacities, range of motion, speed, visibility, pushing power, and operator safety and comfort compared to traditional machines brings innovation to the landscape industry that you can’t ignore!


Jim Pattison Lease (Nextra Network Buyers Group vendor)

Contact: Wendy Ladd

E: [email protected]

P: 416-417-5233

@truckleasingforyou on IG

Jim Pattison Lease is Canada's leader in Customized Fleet Management and also proud members of Landscape Ontario.  Wendy is a board member for the Toronto Chapter of Landscape Ontario and loves being involved with the landscape/snow removal community. She also understands all the moving parts of landscape/snow removal business and can offer solutions & complimentary fleet evaluations.



Contact: Laura Faubert

E: [email protected]

O: 877-482-2323  ext: 110

C:  226-219-9667

@go.greenius on IG

Greenius is an equipment safety and training software that affords business owners and industry-shaping leaders the opportunity to positively impact not only the employee experience, but their overall business as a whole. Through formal training courses and on-boarding practices, a systemized career development ladder, and structured performance expectations, Greenius crafts a level of employee that is confident enough to take on their role, competent enough to avoid costly mistakes, and capable enough to do their job, and do it well.


BBFC (part of the Nextra Network) 

Contact: Justin Buist

E: [email protected]

O: 905-638-3875

@bbfc.corporation on IG

Justin has a great knowledge of the landscape industry, as he comes from a family business in landscaping. As a bookkeeper, he understands the value of accurate and timely reporting in order to run a financially sound business. And because he understands landscaping in particular, he is able to save clients time and money when it comes to setting up their accounting/bookkeeping system. “My services allow for peace of mind, and can help the business owners grow their business.  It's amazing what can happen when numbers help guide decisions!” 


Exotic Woods

Contact: Mike DeBoer

E: [email protected]

O: 905-335-8066

@exoticwoodsinc on instagram

“At Exotic Woods Inc we don’t only specialize in exotics - we also have a great selection of Canadian wood options used for exterior claddings and structures. We have stock on hand and you’ll find woods such as Cedar, Pine, Douglas Fir and Ghostwood & barnboards in our 30,000 sq. ft warehouse. We also carry great exterior finishes including our new Sansin line." 


Come Alive Outside

Contact: Lissa Schoot-Uiterkamp (Ontario program coordinator)

E: [email protected]

@comealiveoutside on instagram

Come Alive Outside is a nonprofit founded in 2014 that works closely with communities to encourage outdoor play be placing temporary green space on the street during summer festivals. 


Sandler Sales Training

Contact: Andrew Wall

E: [email protected]


Landscape contractors who are frustrated that their sales engine is not firing on all cylinders, or owners concerned about shrinking margins for all the great work they do will enjoy working with Andrew Wall and Sandler Training Milton. Improving sales skills by applying the Sandler Selling System has helped many, many landscaping companies profitably grow their revenues and gross margins! 


WEB ROI (Nextra Network Buyers Group vendor)

Contact: Jason Gervais

E: [email protected]

P: 905-864-1110 ext 302

LI: Jason Gervais

Jason and Denise Gervais own WEB ROI, a leading digital marketing agency based in Milton. They are long time friends with the landscape industry and have a proven track record of getting 400% more leads for their clients, with gorgeous websites and search engine marketing, compared to the internet average.


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