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Introducing the Nextra Network

When we were in business, we worked really hard but didn't make any money. 

At the time, we didn't know what questions to ask or who to contact to help us figure out where we were going wrong. Yes, we created beautiful landscapes and had excellent staff and customer service, but we drove ourselves - and each other - crazy trying to figure out how to make the business profitable.

We know our experience is not unique. This is why we started the Nextra Network. We want to provide landscape business owners with the tools they need to create strong and profitable businesses, not just beautiful landscapes. 

The Nextra Network provides business coaching, financial services, a buyers group, and education, along with health & safety and human resources advice. It’s kind of like "business success in a box". By helping ensure these elements are taken care of, the Nextra Network allows owners to focus on what they do best, and sleep better at night knowing that the important...

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Veterans Memorial Parkway beautification project

community tree planting Jul 20, 2020

A number of years ago I had the opportunity to work with local Landscape companies and volunteers in London to complete a beautification project as a tribute to our veterans on Veterans Memorial Parkway.

It was a huge project and represented an opportunity for members and associates of Landscape Ontario (London) to show our pride and involvement in the community. Companies donated time, equipment and resources to work on the project and together with community volunteers we planted thousands of trees along the parkway over a 5-year period.

At the time I was the chair of the board for the VMP and worked alongside some incredible business leaders in the community including the President of Trojan Technologies, Canadian President of 3M, City of London deputy Mayor and other prominent business owners.

The project was an incredible experience because it brought the local members of Landscape Ontario together on a single project. It gave us the opportunity to use our expertise, experience...

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