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Are you keeping potential customers engaged?

Earlier this month we talked about the importance of pre-qualifying your sales calls. It’s also important to remember that clients typically need 8-12 “touches” before they’ll make a decision. Phone calls, emails, online or face to face meetings are all things that count as a “touch”.

A few years ago Kevin Kehoe wrote an article in which he stressed the importance of being persistent and creative to keep potential customers engaged with each touch point until a decision is made. 

For example, he says, “sending an email asking, ‘Have you made a decision?’ isn’t creative nor does it advance the decision. It’s much better to send an email that states, ‘I’ve thought about our conversations. Let me suggest a way to solve your problem…manage your price concerns…handle your primary concern for communication…Here’s how we do this …’ This is advancement.”

We know that a good sales closing rate is about 20%. With that in mind, providing value with each point of contact will ensure we’re that much closer to a “yes”. The chart Kevin provided is helpful:

Sales Goal Chart

My goal is to sell


Annualized new contract sales

My close rate is


I win 1 for every 4 I lose

My bid requirement is


Sales goal/close rate

My target job size is


This is a $2,500 per month job

My qualification rate is


I turn this % of my leads into a bid

I need this many leads/prospects


Bids/job size/qualify rate

I need to touch each prospect


Times to get an answer (Y or N)

I need this many touches


Prospect touches

I have


“Real” selling weeks to do it

I need to make this many touches


I need a plan for every week

Twelve touches may seem like a lot but it’s not. Advance until you get a decision from the customer. Don’t cheat the process. 

Click HERE to read the full article.


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