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A Few of My Thoughts

These are a Few of My Favourite (Tips for Implementing Technology)

This is a continuation of my previous two blogs which listed my favourite programs and apps that target different areas in your business. If you haven’t read those blogs, you can access them here.


So now that you’ve decided you need some new technology, how do you implement it?


1.     Choose software as a leadership team, getting input from each division. Ask each division to create a list of what technology would make them more effective and efficient. Review these lists, going back for additional information until you have a clear picture of what you need from your technology.


2.     Set up an implementation team that meets regularly to work on implementation and set clear goals and expectations. The leadership team must commit to the implementation process. If not everyone is committed, then when something else is vying for your attention, the process will get stalled. And don’t worry, something will go wrong along the way. Have the implementation team assign specific tasks to specific people during the implementation process. Use a Gantt chart or Microsoft Planner to lay out the process for everyone to see. Include a time budget in the planning, as implementation takes time. Don’t forget to track the down time or shop time of your crew staff in order to get an accurate sense of the time being put into the implementation.


3.     Implement some accountability within the staff to follow the documented process and steps. For example, your sales teams may not want to put their leads into the CRM system as it takes too long. They feel it’s easier to just keep things as they were. If this is the case, the sales team is lacking an understanding of why their adoption of the software is essential to the rest of the process and how it affects the company as a whole.


Learning new technology takes time. So be patient – with yourself and your staff. Too many owners get frustrated and impatient so stop using the program and go back to doing things the way they’ve always done it. This is not the way to grow your business. Hang in there! As for your staff, they have to be trained to use it and to recognize its value. There is often a misconception that implementing a system like CRM will solve all your problems. The truth is, it often creates more problems. You’ll experience a range of responses from early adopters, to the open but cautious, to outright opposition. Be patient as you deal with all of these responses, but don’t stop moving forward. It will be short-term pain for long-term gain. And you may find your inner geek through the process!


If you have any questions about these apps or programs, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to “talk tech” with you!