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Grant is available to speak to groups of any size. If you have a specific topics you would like him to cover, please contact him. 

Help, I Need Somebody!

It can be lonely at the top. Often business owners feel like they have no one to talk to about the issues they face in business. Banks and accountants can only provide so much help, friends and family often don’t understand, and you just need someone to talk to, to bounce ideas off of, someone who understands and can give you some advice, tips or resources. Well, help is here. This panel-format discussion will cover the many resources and options available to business owners for assistance. In this session, we will discuss the pros and cons of peer groups, online service memberships, franchisees, partnerships, mastermind groups, consultants and mentors. We will provide specific information about where to find the help you need. We will leave you with plenty of resources to assist you with whatever issues you’re facing. 

Plan to Succeed

The key to a successful winter is to begin planning in the summer. Grant has spent over 20 years in the snow business and will share with you the system he’s helped develop for winter operations. Using organizational tools, he’ll show you how to keep the following tasks on track: equipment purchasing and maintenance, health and safety training, standard operating procedures, recruiting and training, route management, site engineering and preparation, customer engagement and contract renewals, and budgeting and strategic planning. Although winter weather can be unpredictable, your winter operations don’t have to be. With proper planning, your winter season can be your best and most profitable season.

 NOTE: This session can be altered to be specific to hardscape contractors, maintenance contractors, pool installers, irrigation installers and design/build firms. The information is interchangeable regardless of the type of services they provide.

Slip and Fall Readiness

Dealing with a slip and fall claim on one of your properties can be stressful, confusing and expensive, especially if you’re scrambling to compile the information required by the lawyers. Being prepared for a slip and fall claim will reduce stress, expense and the time it takes to gather information. From his experience, Grant has implemented a system that will provide relief and confidence, so you can deal with the claim and get back to concentrating on your business. In this session, Grant will walk you through the steps required to be prepared for a slip and fall claim. He will discuss how to get your staff to understand the importance of proper documentation (even in the midst of a snow event). He will explain the process of responding to the claim, understanding the legal jargon and preparing for discovery and trial, and he will give you resources that make preparation faster and easier. This is an essential session for anyone involved in snow and ice management.

Embrace Your Inner Geek

For most landscape business owners, their giftedness is in working with their hands, not technology. But technology has provided a vast array of tools to help you run your business faster, easier, smoother and more efficiently. Grant is a landscaper, not a techie. And yet he has embraced the technology available to landscape contractors because he’s seen the difference it makes. He will introduce you to programs and apps that are specific to owners, production staff, training, and customer care. You’ll hear about programs like Grammarly, Evernote and

Greenius, Slack, Hootsweet and I-Lawn. He’ll talk about different software programs for accounting, human resources, fleet management, GPS tracking, internal and external communication, weather tracking and project planning. He’ll share how he’s implemented technology, as well as the pros and cons of technology. You do not have to be a techie to benefit from this session. In fact, it’s best if you’re not. This is just down-to -earth, practical resources that help business owners and their staff run the business better.

What’s My Business Worth?

This is a two-day interactive workshop for business owners who are looking to evaluate their business. They will be given resources to determine the value of the company, discuss options for selling, learn how to prepare the business for selling and make it attractive to buyers, finding buyers, what help is available to them for selling the business, and things they can start doing right away to make the business more valuable. Click here for more information.

Open Book Financials

 Grant will discuss what it means for business owners to have open book financials. He’ll talk about what owners should share with their staff, how to be comfortable understanding the numbers, how to implement open book financials, and the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. He will also look at some case studies of landscape companies that use this method.


This is the information Grant wished he had learned 20 years ago! He will discuss the cycles of business and how to identify where your business is at currently, practical ways to move through each cycle of the business, why some landscape companies appear to run smoothly, successfully and experience healthy growth, what it means to work ON the business vs. IN the business, and how implementing structures and processes makes life easier for the business owner and his/her employees.