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Expert Reports/Slip & Fall Claims

Expert Opinion Reports


Prevention and Preparation

For snow & ice management contractors, slip and fall claims can be stressful, time consuming and expensive.  From his experience, Grant has implemented a system that will provide relief and confidence, so you can deal with the claim and get back to concentrating on your business. Grant will walk you through the steps required to be prepared for a slip and fall claim. He will discuss how to get your staff to understand the importance of proper documentation (even in the midst of a snow event). He will explain the process of responding to the claim, understanding the legal jargon and preparing for discovery and trial, and he will give you resources that make preparation faster and easier. 


Expert Opinion Reports

Expert opinion reports in the cases of slip and fall claims are becoming standard. Grant's experience in the snow industry makes him qualified to analyze cases and prepare reports. He will review the Statement of Claim, deposition transcripts, photographs and visit the site, and provide you with a comprehensive report. 


Trial Witness

Grant is available to testify as an expert witness should a case go to trial.