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6 Tips For Finding Your Ideal Client

Years ago I read an article by Brian Tracey about knowing and finding your ideal client. The information he shared then is still so relevant today. I really liked how he worded these 6 tips on how to find your ideal client:

  1. Define your product from your customers point of view. Ask yourself these questions: What does your product do for your ideal customer? What problems does your product solve for your customer? What needs of your customer does your product satisfy? How does your product improve your customer's life or work?
  2. Define your ideal customer for what you sell. What is his or her age, education, occupation or business? What is his or her income or financial situation? What is his or her situation today in life or work?
  3. Determine the specific benefits your customer is seeking in buying your product. Of all the benefits you offer, which are the most important to your ideal customer? What are the most pressing needs that your product or service satisfies? Why should your customer buy from you rather than from someone else?
  4. Determine the location of your customer. Where is your customer located geographically? Where does your customer live or work? Where is your customer when he or she buys your product or service?
  5. Determine exactly when your ideal customer buys your product or service. What has to happen in the life or work of your customer for him or her to buy your product? What time of year, season, month or week does your customer buy?
  6. Determine your customer's buying strategy. How does your customer buy your product or service? How has your customer bought similar products or services in the past? What is your customer's buying strategy? How does your customer go about making a buying decision for your product?

Knowing EXACTLY who your ideal client is makes all the difference in your marketing, which jobs you quote and who you take on as a client.

You can read the full article HERE.


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